"Coaching is about communication"

Susie Meyers, October 26, 2015

Realizing the power of words and how a person communicates ideas has radically changed my approach to helping people learn. Words are the most powerful form of communication. Painting a picture with words and being careful with the use of words can help a student’s progress. My vocabulary has been examined and created based upon what works to get the desired goals.

People are smart and they are also talented. My job as an instructor is to bring out of them what they already have and know. My goal is to help them develop their skills in a safe and positive environment. I have used the Socratic method in many of my sessions with golfers. The Socratic method is simply a dialogue between teacher and student using questions in an effort to examine one’s beliefs. Using questions to draw out of a golfer what he/she believes has been very useful in discovering what is helping them or holding them back. Everything starts in the mind so what a person believes will dictate the actions of that person.

If you want to learn anything, begin by asking a question. To figure out what a person believes and why they do what they do in their golf stroke, you must first find out what thoughts they are using in their mind. By engaging in the Socratic method, the ideas flow back and forth with no judgments and it is the student’s choice as to what they want to hold on to and incorporate into their game.