Golf Lessons with Susie Meyers

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Susie Meyers Teaching Philosophy

There is a golfer within each person. There is no one perfect swing but there is a swing for each golfer. What you think and how you manage yourself and the thoughts you have for your golf stroke will determine what your stroke will be and what your experience will be on the golf course.

Golf instruction is big business today. It is full of highly educated and knowledgeable golf professionals all trying to help golfers improve their games. There are so many different kinds of instructors who can help get you where you want to be: mental coaches, biomechanics experts, short game experts, putting experts, Trackman experts, K Vest experts, and exercise and nutritional specialists. You have a lot to choose from and all of it could be worthwhile information.

However, as a golfer, do you need all of it to be who you want to be? Will the information free you up and let you play or bog you down and make you think? A common complaint of many golfers is that they think too much and confuse themselves. Point A thinking helps you protect yourself from too much information and gives you a way to feel confident about your own abilities.

My life has been about golf. It has been my passion from the first day I took up a club at the age of 14. Since then, I have worked daily to better my game and then to better my way of coaching. I have shared and observed these ideas with thousands of golfers and have observed what happens with their games and with their sense of being. Understanding the real basics of what your golf club is designed to do, allows your body to move, to the best of its ability.

Point A Golf is a way of thinking. An approach to the game that continually rids a player of unneeded baggage and thoughts that inhibit their abilities. Point A thinking helps provide support and encouragement to YOU so you can get the best out of yourself. Point A thinking is holistic in the sense that it is about the whole “thing”: the body, the mind, the golf course, and the equipment.

It is true, you cannot turn a 60 year old, 30 handicap golfer into a tour player however you can get that person to play “out of his mind” and create an internal environment that produces the best of what that golfer has.

Ventana Canyon Golf & Racket Club

All lessons take place at Susie's private instruction area at Ventana Canyon Golf & racket club in Tucson, AZ.

During your lesson you will have access to the practice facility which offers spacious grass hitting areas manicured to the finest conditions. Two short game areas provide an opportunity to practice shots you are sure to encounter on the golf course, from bunker play to delicate pitches.

What students are saying about Susie Meyers golf lessons

My husband and I are having so much fun taking golf lessons with Susie! We travel from Texas to Tucson to play at our favorite resort and noticed Susie giving lessons. This year we decided to sign up with Susie for lessons. She is energetic, kind, positive, and a terrific teacher. She started off the lesson with very basic information that no one had ever taught us before. Between her lessons, motivation, and her book, Golf From Point A, both our golf games have improved! Thank you, Susie!


I started golf when I was 40 years old and found it was quite challenging to internalize the lessons I received on grip, stance, swing plane or physics of golf design. However, after a session with Susie Meyers I was able, for the first time, to replicate the techniques taught. The information flowed osmotically, and I was able to experience the Aha moment. It just made sense!


Susie is patient, creative and invested in teaching, but more importantly encourages the student to enjoy the journey. Try a lesson and be prepared to experience the Aha Moment.”