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The Point A Golf Philosophy

After decades of playing and teaching golf, Susie coined the GOLF from POINT A philosophy. Her teaching method was so successful – she wrote a book. While every golfer at every level needs good equipment and good golf technique, it is a known fact, those that can manage their emotions will enjoy the game more, play at their best and become a winner.

Point A thinking helps provide support and encouragement to you so you can get the best out of yourself. Point A thinking is holistic in the sense that it is about the whole “thing”: the body, the mind, the golf course, and the equipment. The way you think about each of these things can either benefit you or impede your progress in the game.

Point A Golf is not just the mental game; it is the whole game. Everything you do begins with a thought. Every stroke you make in golf comes begins with what you are thinking. Point A thinking is a guide to help you explore your perceptions of the greatest game ever played.

Point A Golf Tips

Think Simple, Think Positive.

Everything you think sends a message to your body. Create positive thoughts and you have a chance to make a positive golf stroke. Eliminate doubt, fear and confusion and the best of your movements will emerge.

Trust Your Mind.

A golfer’s mind when performing a golf stroke is best done in a quiet and positive manner. Too much information or trying to duplicate numbers on a machine trains the mind to be active/ busy rather than in a state of play… a state of “nothingness”. Trust the picture of what you want to see in your head and move with commitment and freedom.

Move Without Thinking.

Learning a golf stroke is often more about getting rid of unneeded movements to make the stroke more efficient and powerful. Much like when we walk – we don’t focus on where our knees are or when your heel touches the ground. Simplifying motion and thought is much more productive than building a stroke step-by-step, position-by-position.

Be Creative and Reactive.

These two words are the same by just switching the C and R around. Be creative in your game. Be reactive in your game. React to what the golf course is asking for. React to the picture in your mind and simply move. Give the shot just enough thought to create the picture then be quiet and react to it!

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